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There are two primary ways to install Code Video Generator: use Docker or install everything into your host system . The advantage of the Docker approach is there is nothing to install, but you may want the additional control of having the application run locally.

Docker installation

To run Code Video Generator via Docker, you have two options:

  1. Use the wrapper script
  2. Run docker directly


  1. Download the script and make it executable:

    chmod 755
  2. Move the script to either a directory that is already in your path or add it to your path

  3. You will now be able to invoke Code Video Generator via:

Using Docker run directly

If you don't want to use the wrapper script, you can poke around and see how it executes docker run, and run something similar to that.

Local installation

Code Video Generator is a library for Manim, and as such, the first step is to follow their installation buide.

Once Manim is installed, you can simply install code-video-generator using pip:

pip install code-video-generator

Note: You may need to install manimmc from source in order to get the comment bug fix.